Chakra Moon Wall Hanging
Chakra Moon Wall Hanging

Chakra Moon Wall Hanging

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Chakra crystals are used for clearing, revitalizing, and healing the seven major chakras located along our spine. You can use chakra crystals in your home, placing them in the rooms of your house so that they serve as a point to focus on during your yoga and meditation practices.

Because this is a made to order piece, the crystals you see in the photos will be different from the crystals you receive on your piece, however you can expect comparable crystals in quality and size. I will be sure to include a list of the exact crystals on your piece, but rest assured each crystal is carefully selected according to the resonance with each chakra. 

Available in two sizes. 
8in outer hoop/4in inner hoop-Measures 24in total length

10in inner hoop/4in inner hoop-Measures 28in total length

*Please note that there is a 3 week turn around time for this piece. This means that it will ship three weeks after you place your order.